A Riding Experience to Remember

Providing adaptive riding, stable management and driving classes for individuals with special needs.

Our Horses

All our horses have been selected for their calm temperament and gentle manners.  They undergo extensive
training and conditioning so they are able to deal with their special mission here at our stables.


Too Much Make Up is American Paint horse and was born on 2001. She been donated to us from Z7 stable and became valuable team member. He name been given to her because of her blue eyes and black outline around her eyes, like she has a make-up. She is a real lady


Derrom is an Arabian gelding that retired and came to us after his long career of endurance. Derrom is a champion, he was born in 2002 and took part in different races all over the world. Quiet few of them he won. Now he is enjoying quiet life at Al Marmoom and loves his students. And by the way, he is the best photo model at the stable.


Lennie is a Clydesdale horse that been borne in 2010 and the biggest we have in our barn.  He is 17.3 hand high so is perfect for our taller students and yes, we do have an extra large mounting block just for him!  Lennie might be a giant but he’s very, very gentle and loves attention.


Zorro is our smallest team member at just 9 hand high but he has, for sure, the biggest personality in the barn. This miniature pony was born in 2002 and loves being part of the Al Marmoom team.  He loves to be brushed and braided and is the proud owner of his very own vehicle as Zorro is a carriage pony.


Archie, was born in 2007, Cob horse from England. Archie has an amazing character is the horse that we use for our adult students.  He is a gentle giant, his favourite activity is eating and often gets so excited at meal times he covers himself in hay.


Cara is Welsh Pony (Section D) breed from England, was born in 2005. She is very friendly and calm and loves to be outside in the paddock in the nice weather. She also loves treats of apples and carrots.


Folla is a very active gentle pony that was born in 2000.  She has been with our founder in the UAE for more than 10 years.  She is sometimes shy, unless you have carrots then she is your best friend.


Ajeeb was kindly donated to us in 2015, he was born in 2002 in South Africa. He is a strong handsome man who loves being part of our lessons.  He loves attention, and for sure carrots and apples.


Chester is Shetland pony that born in 2016. He is the best Zorro’s friend and one of the smartest horse in the stable when it is related to the escaping and food. There not fences or gates that can stop him. He is very gentle with our smallest riders and loves to be with people.