A Riding Experience to Remember

Providing alternative physical therapy with practical and vocational education to individuals with special needs.


Our riding classes follow the internationally recognized Riding for the Disabled UK (RDA) and Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International (PATH Intl.) standards, syllabus and best practices.

We provide structured, tailored classes for each individual dependent on ability and need.  Our highly trained staff and volunteers are of RDA specified training and are fluent in their procedures and most importantly health and safety standards. Our expert staff along with our passion and drive help develop riders to their maximum potential and ensure that all students receive the best possible experience in which to progress and excel.

Horsemanship Lessons: Prior and in addition to our riding sessions we conduct lessons on horsemanship with each student. This involves ground work, learning how horses respond to each student and for these students to become more comfortable before beginning mounted riding lessons.

The riding lessons include these main stages:

Mounting: This is done from a ramp/ mounting block with the assistance of the volunteers and instructors, even pupils who are wheelchair bound are able to mount a horse in this environment.

The Lesson: The lessons are conducted at four levels depending on the ability and experience of the pupil.  Lessons include walking /trotting, learning how to steer the horses, stop and start commands, coordination games, educational games and  muscle strengthening exercises, all these activities are completed  whilst on the horse.

Dismounting: This can also be completed on the mounting block or if the student is able in the arena enclosure.

Each class will include an instructor, a leader and one or two side supporters (depends on the rider’s abilities). This ensures the safety and comfort of the student allowing him/her to feel at ease in the lesson.

The riders form a unique rewarding bond with the horses which has huge emotional developmental benefits and helps to increase the student’s confidence.

Our classes are designed to be enjoyable and entertaining but more importantly tailored to push and challenge the pupils.



Muscle Strength





Interpersonal Skills

Stable Management Classes

Here at the Al Marmoom Initiative, we provide sessions that allow students who may not be allowed to ride a horse, due to medical reasons, still interact with these amazing animals.  We offer a number of in-hand equestrian disciplines, Carriage driving, Endurance crewing, Stable management and Horse knowledge programmes.

These classes are suitable for all pupils even with the most severe of disability, here at Al Marmoom we will always tailor our sessions to be inclusive to all students.

Our sessions have markedly helped students improve on concentration, coordination and confidence in all areas of their lives.



Stable Housekeeping

Horse Cleaning & Presentation

Equipment Maintenance

Horse Health & Anatomy


What is the cost?

Our lessons are free of charge, all cost covered by founder.

Is there a minimum/maximum age for students?

Yes, due to safety reasons the minimum age for students is 5 years. There is no maximum age.

Who can take part in these classes?

Most pupils can take part in our classes with any type of disability as long as it is deemed safe and beneficial to the student. There are only a few conditions that would prevent a student taking part in a riding lesson but in these cases they can normally can enroll in our stable management courses.

Is there a weight limit?

For the riding lessons, yes, there is a maximum weight in case of a required urgent assisted dismount.  We have larger horses that can take adults.  For the stable management classes there is no weight limit.

What about safety of a disabled child on a horse?

We take safety extremely seriously and would never put a disabled individual on a horse if we did not feel appropriate.  There are 3 volunteers/staff members involved in each lesson for those who require extra assistance. We follow the RDA UK guidelines and training to ensure the comfort of our students.

Does the student need to provide equipment?

The only equipment that the student will need are long comfortable pants and closed shoes, for example sneakers or boots.

When do classes run?

Riding and stable management classes run six days a week from Oct until end of May.

The Pony Club

The Pony Club is an international voluntary youth organisation for young people interested in ponies and riding. Founded in England in 1929. There are around 345 Branches and 540 Centres in the UK alone. The Pony Club has been the starting point for a large majority of equestrian team members and medal winners. We are proud to be one of the few overseas pony club centres, our students are able to join and earn badges for their achievments in riding and stable management.





Our tailor-made greenhouses are specifically designed for Special needs students.  With extra wide paths and raised beds, we can also cater for wheelchair-bound individuals.

For many of our greenhouse students this kind of lesson is a first, the planting and growing process provides all round sensory stimulation that cannot be found in any other environment.

Within our greenhouses we grow both food and non-food crops that are then packaged and sold to individuals and wholesale.

Our greenhouse social business is non-profit and provides real vocational and practical skills to adults with Special needs.  We provide these lessons to school groups and individuals.




In our greenhouses students will learn:

Planting seeds

Transplanting seedlings to pots

Making pot arrangements


Housekeeping of greenhouses

Preparing and maintaining beds

Through our greenhouse programs students will improve on;



Accuracy and motor skills


Understanding of plants and the growing process