A Riding Experience to Remember

Providing adaptive riding, stable management and driving classes for individuals with special needs.


About Us

At the Al Marmoom Initiative we understand that children and adults with Special needs may have different strengths and abilities that are not always catered for in mainstream environments. We also firmly believe that animal-related and practical sessions can assist and develop Special needs students in many ways, especially physically and mentally. With our knowledge and expertise, we aim to provide students with a safe, educational, enriching and fun environment.

Our facility has two divisions:

Charitable / non-profit Equestrian education where students learn to ride, drive and work on the ground with horses, through these activities they improve balance, increase muscle strength, learn horse and stable management and above all else increase their confidence and independence. Our complimentary stable management classes cater for those who may not be able to ride but will learn practical skills alongside the interaction with the horses. We welcome ages from 5 years up for all of our sessions.

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Our Greenhouses are a non-profit / social business. Our purpose built, temperature-controlled greenhouses provide Special needs adults vocational and practical classes on the growing of food and flower crops. Students learn how to care for plants from seedling through to potting, packaging and sale.  This course is especially beneficial to those who may no longer be in the education system and enjoy practical activities.

We cater for all nationalities and languages. Any child or adult, no matter the disability (within our safety parameters), can partake in an activity at our venue and benefit from the special experience Al Marmoom can offer.